Acristalia, always
looking ahead

In 2007, professionals with more than 20 years of experience on the sector of the aluminium decided to go one step further. They founded Acristalia, a company specialized in the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality, functional and efficient glass enclosures that offer the utmost confidence to our customers.

Since then, we have been working harder: researching, innovating, gathering experience to open up possibilities to the point of becoming a leading company in Spain and with great international presence constantly expanding. Always one step forward.

Three key points to trust in Acristalia

1. In-house production and adherence
to deadlines

In order to ensure the highest quality product, we count on the latest technology and production lines managed by highly qualified professionals. Once the product is entirely manufactured, we count on the adequate infrastructure to offer best delivery deadlines, ensuring maximum satisfaction in our customers.

2. Exhaustive quality controls

Using different control parameters, we ensure that the product is traceable at every point throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, Acristalia meets quality requirements for CE marking, endorsed by the European Union.

3. Our personal commitment

Ensuring security,since our staff works with safe equipment under frequent safety controls, adjustment and maintenance to reduce the possibility of incidents and accidents at work.

Caring about our customers,since we consider good customer service and personalised attention are as important as quality product to meet customer satisfaction.

Respecting the environment in the way corporate responsibility is exercised. To do so, we maintain cooperational agreements with agents for solid waste collection. In addition to that, we use glass and materials that improve energy saving.

Our team, A reference in the enclosure sector thanks to the human group composing it.

In our offices, our professional interdisciplinary team designs, creates, develops strategies, bills, welcomes, communicates and shares experiences. It’s the place where the first part of the work is developed. We also have a big showroom and samples of our products.

In our manufacturing facilities, we generate and execute the second big part of the work. It’s the motor of Acristalia, made of a great professional team of experts in engineering, manufacturing process, administration and management in charge of finishing the development of our systems to deliver them.

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