Glass curtains and sliding roof in France: how to gather efficiency and design in one terrace

The restaurants Flunch and La Fusion have opted for the same option to make the most of their terrace all year round. These two big installations composed of glass curtains and a sliding roof are located in a large shopping area in Biarritz, France.

Cerramiento de terrazas en Francia

The glass curtains and the sliding roof are the perfect combination gathering together energy efficiency and design for a terrace. The restaurants Flunch and La Fusion are now benefiting from these advantages with their spacious and attractive terraces, installed by the local distributor Europose.

This type of glass enclosures is gaining momentum in the hotel industry and the restaurants Flunch and La Fusion illustrate perfectly this new trend. As a matter fact, restaurant and hotel owners are more and more willing to gain surface area in their establishments by optimizing the outdoor spaces.

In this concrete case, even if the restaurants are in the South-West of France, it was impossible to have a drink on the terrace during the period autumn-winter due to the low temperatures or the bad weather. It is over! It is now possible and the terrace has turn into a profitable investment for the whole year.

Terrace and balcony enclosures
Each of these two structures installed by Europose are composed of Standard Series Glass Curtains and one Sliding Series Sliding Roof. They include integrated heating systems for the most sensitive to the cold and LED lighting to make the terrace more attractive. These are some of the options provided by the Spanish brand to embellish the place and make it much more comfortable. And there is nothing better than having a rest and relaxing on a nice terrace after a day of shopping.

Europose is one of Acristalia’s distributors for the French and Moroccan areas.

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