High sights
Simple and safe, it offers great energy efficiency and panoramic views. Perfect for clear spaces up to 4 m high such as offices, events rooms, catering halls, shop windows in shopping centres or greenhouses. Entrusting the enclosure for your home or business to Acristalia Star Series means having your sights set high.
Increasing possibilities of space
The Glass Curtain - Star Series does not need any lower guide for its installation, so it can be installed in angles up to 180º. This makes it possible to install the Curtain in almost any geometry and area that you need. It can be perfectly adapted to high frontages and it works very well as space room divider.
  • Square
  • Irregular
  • L-shape
  • Curve
  • Inside-outside opening
  • Up to 4 m high
  • Profiles up to 100 cm wide
  • Tempered glass, laminated glass, solar control glass and any other combination up to
  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm thick
  • Transparent, coloured, matt, decorated, with solar control…
Profile finish and colour options
  • Anodized and imitation wood finish
  • More than 200 colours to choose from the RAL chart
  • Grey, white and black polyamide accessories
Installation does not need guides/profiles on the ground. It has individual sliding glass panels which are not connected between them, guaranteeing operational safety and simplicity of maintenance.
Professionals by your side
To guarantee the best possible option,
consult with our Acristalia staff.

Without lower guide, perfect for public areas

Installation does not need guides/profiles on the ground. It has individual sliding glass panels which are not connected between them, guaranteeing operational safety and simplicity of maintenance. In order to move the panels, the system uses an upper structure that guides the panels to the storage area, where they remain stored.

Additionally, it always fits into the ground, even when the area is inclined.

The highest glass curtain in the market

The Acristalia Star Series is possible with installations up to 4 m high, which improves the use of the spaces where it is installed. This added value, together with its energy efficiency and its panoramic view, makes it one of the most popular series.

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why you should trust in Acristalia
committed from beginning to end

From the manufacture through the delivery, the design and development of our products are leaded by our customers' high quality standards and commitment to them.

1. The professionals’ favourite choice

The efficacy and quality of Acristalia products require correct installation. Professionals on the sector know it, and for that reason they choose our enclosures, which guarantee a clean and optimised system and a smooth installation.

2. Flexibility to any terrace

Glass Curtains in Star 4M are adaptable for any space: straight, with angles, polygonal, etc. That makes its installation possible for every project.

3. Resistance test

Standard Series bears CE marking, which guarantee the quality in every step of the manufacture process. The Curtain has been tested in laboratories to ensure resistance to wind load and operating forces.

4. Own installation service

All our products are installed by professionals trained in our company and they are ready to solve any situation.

5. Five-year guarantee

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction and that is why our Glass Curtains in Star 4M come with a 5-year guarantee. Additionally, Acristalia offers you personal service to solve any problem that may arise.




Since it does not need any lower guide, Star Series can be installed in angles up to 180º. This makes it possible to install the Curtain in almost any geometry and area that you need. The same structure can consist of different angles, offering an unlimited number of possibilities.



The Acristalia Star 4M Series offers the highest glass curtain in the market, with configurations up to 4 m high. Maximum dimensions are limited by the permissible load for each panel, which is 150 kg.


Profile finish options

As in the rest of our products, we offer a wide range of fantastic finish options in any colour of the RAL chart, anodized and wood imitation.


Glass options

Glass used in the manufacture are top-quality, being the tempered glass, or thermally toughened soda lime silicate glass, the most used one. This glass has achieved the maximum safety classification and it complies with the UNE-EN12150-1 and the UNE-EN12150-2 standards.

Acristalia offers the possibility of manufacturing the curtain in almost any type of glass on the market: transparent, coloured, matt, decorated, with solar control… Available glass thickness in Star Series is 8, 10 and 12 mm.


If it is Acristalia, then it is quality


The Acristalia glass curtain systems have been entirely manufactured with national product and following the strictest international regulations of manufacture in each of its components, which provide the system with the best services of the international market.


Acristalia is a company certified according the Norm ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing to its clients that our products are made and commercialized under exhaustive production and management controls in factory.


The tempered glass used in the glass curtain systems has obtained the CE marking with the maximum classification for all its range of products following the UNE 12150-1. The glass provides the system with all the mechanical and safety properties, offering high shock resistance, protection under sudden changes of temperature and safer response in case of breakages, as they do not produce sharp-pointed fragments. Aluminium used in our systems is composed of alloys, specially studied, to offer high mechanical performance, shock resistance, great durability and easy cleaning.


They completely fulfil the European regulations UNE-EN 755-2 and UNE-EN 755-9. Not all manufacturers can stamp the international quality label Qualicoat on their lacquered products. The anodized options of our catalogue follow all guidelines marked by the quality label Qualanod such as UNE-EN ISO 2360, EN 12373-1, UNE-EN 12373-4, EN 12373-7.


Likewise, the Acristalia glass curtain systems have been submitted to tests in APPLUS laboratory notified by ENAC, where the systems have been evaluated by the most demanding regulations of the sector, in which it is specified that these systems must be tested according to the Norm 12211:2000, “Windows and doors. Test method”, obtaining a result of resistance to the wind of 1800 Pascals (strong winds equivalent to 193 Km/h). Furthermore, tests of manoeuvrability have been carried out following UNE-EN 13659:2004 so that we can ensure the correct functioning of the system after having been subject to strong winds.


Another feature of our systems is its reduction of the acoustic noise to 21dB, possibly being the highest value of the market. Tests realized according to the norm UNE EN ISO 140-3:1995.


Instructions to take care of Star Series


A correct use and regular maintenance guarantee the very best performance and a long service life.


  • Standard closing system: Pulling the cable strong enough to operate the top and bottom bolts. Once the panel is opened, move it with the hand. Do not use the cable as hand puller to move the panel.


  • Closing system with handle: Turning the handle clockwise to operate the top and bottom bolts. This handle could be used as hand puller to move the panel.


  • Closing system with a key: The use is similar to that of any door with handle and key.


  • n case that the curtain has been installed including some of the additional security elements, such as the sliding block or the key (always recommended for children), these must be always unlocked before operating any of the opening systems.


  • In all cases, it is important that every single panel placed in the opening position remains linked to each other with the system of magnets, and the first panel must remain blocked to the wall with the clip piece that is supplied.


The curtain should slide easily through the guides and pass smoothly through the angles, -if any. If that is not the case, please verify that there are not obstacles inside the rails. If the problem persists, contact your installation company.


In places with strong winds, it is recommended the use of additional security systems, such as the key or the sliding block for cable or handle mechanisms.


It is essential to perform a proper installation for the correct functioning of the glass curtain.


The PVC water seals used between glass must not be cleaned with abrasive cleaning products, because the contact with those together with the exposition to sun rays can deteriorate them.


Use cleaning products for this purpose to clean the glass. Do not use utensils that could provoke damages or scratches. In case of special or coated glass a special care must be taken. Do not dry clean. The cleanliness of the glass is extremely easy in our glass curtain. In the closing position, you will access the inner side of the glass; and in the open position, you will access the outer side of the system.


Use cloths and dusters for cleaning the profiles. Do not use scrapping tools or utensils that may cause those damages. Use neutral non-abrasive products, whatever the profile finish.

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