Views and comfort
Design, comfort and functionality all together? Yes, it is possible. Windbreaks FLK Series meet the demands of customers seeking for delimit terraces to create spaces and take care of views and light at the same time. It guarantees the feeling of space, comfort and safety of those around, since the system enables greater height, and thus better protection.
More advantages
Windbreaks in FLK Series can be installed in public outdoor areas where fixed structures are not allowed. This is the only system in the market that has automatic opening. In just seconds and effortlessly, just by pressing the glass slightly, the system extends instantly. It offers a wide range of options in width and height, it is easy to handle and it has no horizontal profiles.
Measures – Height
  • The FLK Series has three standard heights (extended position): 1700, 1800 y 1900 mm. In low/folded position, height will be respectively 1000, 1100 y 1200 mm. Any other height is not available.
Measures – Width
  • Standard width for Windbreaks FLK series are 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 y 2000 mm. Further measures are available according to the project needs.
Aluminium Finish
  • RAL 7016 in stock.
  • Other options (contact us).
  • Fixed part: 8 mm tempered glass.
  • Mobile part: 6 mm tempered glass.
Digital Printing
Our digital printing on glass will give added value to your installation. Integrate the image you want and make the most of a 100% customized product and a space with quality digital printing.
Professionals by your side
To guarantee the best possible option,
consult with our Acristalia staff.
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why you should trust in Acristalia
committed from beginning to end

From the manufacture through the delivery, the design and development of our products are leaded by our customers' high quality standards and commitment to them.

1. The professionals’ favourite choice

The efficacy and quality of Acristalia products require correct installation. Professionals on the sector know it, and for that reason they choose our enclosures, which guarantee a clean and optimised system and a smooth installation.

2. Own installation service

All our products are installed by professionals trained in our company and they are ready to solve any situation.

3. Flexibility on any terrace

Windbreaks in FLK Series are adaptable for any space. Moreover, it is a completely flexible system that can incorporate wheels as fixings. It delimits the area and creates a new, protected space.


Series FLK offers an installation using either floor fixings or wheels, which will improve the portability of windbreaks in the different areas of the terrace.


Height (with extended glass): 1700, 1800 y 1900 mm

*Other measures may be possible. Upon customer’s request or when necessary, we are open to study the possibility to work with other measures of this enclosure..

Panel width: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2000 mm.

Vertical profile: 50-100 mm wide.


Consult with our staff to guarantee the best possible option for your business.



Use cleaning products for this purpose to clean the glass. Do not use utensils that could provoke damages or scratches. In case of special or coated glass a special care must be taken. Do not dry clean. The cleanliness of the glass is extremely easy in our glass curtain. In the closing position, you will access the inner side of the glass; and in the open position, you will access the outer side of the system.

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