What kind of environment does your business need?
Intimate, functional or both? The Windbreaks in Windbreaks Series are the best option to delimit and protect terraces in bars and restaurants against bad weather conditions. They are also perfect for flexible working areas or meetings in offices. No matter what kind of business, make the most of the space with Acristalia.
There are so many advantages that we like to explain them well
The Windbreak Series offers perfect windbreaks for businesses looking for a quick and economic installation without any building works. Its great advantage, among others, is that it can be installed in public outdoor areas where fixed structures are not allowed and also for one-off events.

The system is composed of different screens, whose configuration is easily and quickly removable. It can include entrance doors, planters, benches and numerous possibilities.

Windbreaks are made of aluminium or steel profiles (depending on the model) that are fixed to the floor, ceiling or walls with screws. They are complemented by safety glass with panoramic views.

Besides, the extensible model in Windbreak Series is height-adjustable as needed.
Available up to 1600 mm high and 2000 mm wide
  • More than 200 colours to choose from the RAL chart
  • Anodized and imitation wood finish
  • 6, 8 or 10 mm thick.
  • Tempered, laminated, solar control…
Vinyls & Sponsors
Glass used in the windbreaks is easily branded with vinyls of your establishment or your supplier sponsor. As a tip of advice, if you can get the chance to have a supplier funding the installation, it will be a win-win strategy.
Professionals by your side
To guarantee the best possible option,
consult with our Acristalia staff.

Fixed or extensible, depending on your business needs

Windbreaks – Windbreak Series | Fixed model

Made of aluminium or lacquered steel profiles. The lacquered steel profiles are provided with stainless steel nuts and bolts and zamak finishing. It subsequently goes through a process with polyester resin powder coating.

Windbreaks – Windbreak Series | Extensible model

Composed of aluminium 6063 profiles, stainless steel nuts and bolts and polypropylene plastic elements. Additionally, it goes through a process and coating in anodized silver and thermolacquered colours with polyester resin powder.

It has a lifting mechanism, a counterweight, transmission system by polypropylene cord and pulleys. A blocking mechanism with bolt or key is also available.

Viable in any area

The great advantage of Acristalia Windbreaks is their flexibility, versatility and adaptability to any area. For this reason, their viability in public areas offers great benefits to your business.

Are you looking for inspiration for your home or business?

Check out this selection of our products installed in homes and business, so that you can find the best solution to your needs.

why you should trust in Acristalia
committed from beginning to end

From the manufacture through the delivery, the design and development of our products are leaded by our customers' high quality standards and commitment to them.

1. The professionals’ favourite choice

The efficacy and quality of Acristalia products require correct installation. Professionals on the sector know it, and for that reason they choose our windbreaks, which guarantee a clean and optimised system and a smooth installation.

2. Resistance test

The Windbreaks Series bears CE marking in the manufacture process, having been tested in laboratories to ensure resistance to wind load and operating forces.

3. Own installation service

All our products are installed by professionals trained in our company and they are ready to solve any situation.

4. Five-year guarantee

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction and that is why our Windbreaks in Windbreaks Series come with a 5-year guarantee. Additionally, Acristalia offers you personal service to solve any problem that may arise.




The windbreaks are fixed with lacquered steel supports that can adapt the height in case of floor gradients. Thanks to bases or planters, both ends of the Windbreak are regulated to maintain the same height.


It is possible to add a platform so that the delimited area is flat, improving the overall view. The platform can be covered with artificial grass.


Consult with our staff to guarantee the best possible option for your business.




Check the compatibility table that contains different supports and fixings. For more information, consult with our technicians.



If it is Acristalia, then it is quality

Acristalia is a company certified according the Norm ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing to its clients that our products are made and commercialized under exhaustive production and management controls in factory.


The glass windbreak system in Windbreaks Series has been developed following the strictest international instructions of manufacture, providing the railing system with the best features of the international market according to the Spanish Technical Code of Building (CTE) rules.


Aluminium used in our glass windbreak system is composed of alloys, specially studied, to offer high mechanical performance, shock resistance, great durability and easy cleaning. They completely fulfil the European regulations UNE-EN 755-2 and UNE-EN 755-9. Not all manufacturers can stamp the international quality label Qualicoat on their lacquered products; Qualanod on their anodized products; and Qualideco on their products with imitation wood finish.


The Windbreak in Windbreak Series has been submitted to different tests with outstanding results for its use, both in private (0,8 kN/m linear load) and public areas (1,6 kN/m linear load); accomplishing the requirements of the Spanish Technical Code of Building (CTE) rules.


Use cleaning products for this purpose to clean the glass. Do not use utensils that could provoke damages or scratches, in case of special or coated glass a special care must be taken. Do not dry clean.

Accesories: Umbrella



The best complement to Windbreaks – Windbreak Series. Composed of a one-piece aluminium fluted pole of 78 mm in radius and 2,5 mm thick. It has a squared white sprayed aluminium design of 4×4 m, very convenient for professional use. It is composed of 8 aluminium ribs of 22×35 mm and 1,5 mm thick and polyester fabric of 300 g/m2 with a waterproof treatment. It includes a zipped cover and the possibility of replacing the fabric in the event of fabric ripping.


Additionally, it comes with an aluminium cross base of 98×107 cm with four heavy stones. There is also a galvanized steel embedded base with stainless AISI 316 fixing and epoxy white aluminium top.


Finally, for those terraces short of space, we offer the possibility of a cube base, consisting of a lacquered panel of 500×500 mm and 800 mm high.

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