Beautiful views, flamenco and a bright summer all together in Villa Flamenca Hotel

Villa Flamenca Hotel in Nerja counts on three different systems in the same building. A mix of glass curtains, sliding roof and glass railings that add beauty and effectiveness to this hotel in eastern Costa del Sol.

The soft breeze from the Axarquía runs along the street, full of pretty Andalusian white houses. Villa Flamenca Hotel is located where the fresh air with the taste of the sea flows. In this enclave, Nerja, different Acristalia systems delight everyone who comes to visit them. Beautiful views, flamenco, the Mediterranean taste and a bright summer unite to offer this experience for the senses.

Enjoying the views to the swimming pool, of the typical Andalusian white houses, bathing in the jacuzzi on the rooftop, having a snack in the outside terrace or wandering the Andalusian interior patio of the building are some of the pleasures you can feel in the different areas of this hotel. Fully renovated now, it has gone for design, aesthetics and comfort. Three basic aspects of the Acristalia systems.

The terrace

The interior terrace with views to the swimming pool has become a real oasis inside the hotel. Enjoy fantastic views thanks to Glass Curtains Standard Series. Besides, they incorporate a Sliding Roof Sliding Series that offers a full panoramic view. The sun, the gorgeous blue sky, the stars at night and the luxuriant palm trees seem to come in when the roof is open.

The result is a pleasure that goes beyond the stay itself or the dish to taste. It is a conglomerate of sensationsthat will create the best memories in visitors and guests.

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