Custom-made enclosure for Mesón Salvador’s terrace

It is an enclosure for a terrace without fixings on the ground, complying with the current legislation in Fuengirola. Mesón Salvador’s premises already have the Glass Curtains in Tandem Series together with the Sliding Roof in Sliding Series.

Any time of the year in Málaga, and in almost any corner throughout the Spanish geography, people would look for a terrace to have a drink and enjoy open air rather than a bar or restaurant with only indoor dining area. Expanding your business outwards is essential to offer clients what they demand. Located right in the centre of Fuengirola, in Los Boliches Avenue, Mesón Salvador has taken a great step forward.

It currently counts on a terrace that can be enjoyed not only in summer, but in winter too. Any time of the year is suitable to have a drink in their enclosed terrace. The enclosure in this business consists of a structure of three or four Glass Curtains of Tandem Series for each side and the Sliding Roof in Sliding Series. The place has obtained not only a bigger dining area for a longer time, but it has also improved the design and aesthetics that this restaurant needed for its considerable renovation work. A complete renovation left in the hands of Acristalia for the terrace.

Previously, the staff of the restaurant had to be picking up, and opening and closing the awnings of the terrace. Not anymore. Now they only have to press a button so that the Sliding Roof opens automatically. As for the Sliding Curtains, they only have to pull a glass panel and the rest will follow. The space is open easily and smoothly. Tandem Series provides that level of comfort in the use and in the result that the restaurant needs every time the terrace has to be open or closed. Besides, this restaurant also counts on Glass Curtains Standard Series that separate indoors and outdoors. The result? Natural light penetrates throughout the place and multiplies the feeling of space and openness of the restaurant.

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