Enclosure for a penthouse with glass curtains, colours and a lot of style

Located in El Ejido, Almería, this penthouse just needed some glass curtains and a sliding roof to turn its terrace into the most visited spot, thanks to the Acristalia enclosure for penthouses.

Right in the heart of the ‘sea of plastic’, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and in the north, further on, Sierra Nevada mountains. In this characteristic area it is found El Ejido, Almería. El Ejido is the third biggest town in Almería and a family who lives here has just started to enjoy their home in a different way. ‘When we are at home, this is the place where we spend most of the time together’, they say, after opening their home warmly to Acristalia. Yes, we are talking about their terrace, in a penthouse with glass curtains and a sliding roof that allow them to keep enjoying the panoramic views of this fabulous spot.

It is the enclosure for penthouses with glass curtains and sliding roof of Acristalia. A perfect result for a terrace crying out to be better used, but due to the weather conditions of the area, it was a tough task most of the times. El Ejido is a town well-known for its very frequent windy days. Under these circumstances, it was difficult to enjoy peaceful moments there. That’s why they came to Acristalia.

Bye-bye wind
‘The wind used to make it impossible for us to stay in our terrace for a long time’, they point out. Not anymore. Since they installed Glass Curtains Standard Series and Sliding Roof Sliding Series, they have made the most of the space by extending their house out and now they have a new room to live. Lunch time, dinner time, relaxing time, playing time for the little one with his board or for their two pets that roam free.

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