Glass curtains to face the Eastern wind in Algeciras

This terrace in a penthouse in Algeciras resorted to Acristalia glass curtains to glaze the outside and keep the views to the port, Rock of Gibraltar and Africa.

Algeciras is located in a charming enclave, on the Mediterranean coast, very close to the Rock of Gibraltar and with views to the other coast, Africa. There is no doubt that a house with these stunning views should definitely keep them. To make sure this family can keep on enjoying more usable space in their terrace and benefiting from the views, the solution was to install glass curtains.

Specifically, the Acristalia Glass Curtains Standard Series were the chosen product for an impeccable enclosure. A glazed terrace that has improved in comfort and design of this spot turned into a stylish living room with enviable views.

Just by opening the glass curtain in a simple operation, the sea breeze and the smell of the sea comes in the room. Be it open or closed, the best thing is that the natural lights fills up the entire room and it is completely sunlit with a considerable contrast with the furniture matching the place. A nice terrace where one can stay comfortably during the day as well as at night and at any time of the year.

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