Glass-enclosed homes open to the sea

Three homes in South Beach, in Reserva del Higuerón, have Glass Curtains Standard Series. This is the enclosure for homes which aim to open their living rooms and terraces to the Mediterranean Sea.

It is the professional’s favourite for a reason. The Glass Curtain Standard Series succeeds in homes too. It is not only businesses that succumb to its charms, but more and more people in Spain wish to open their homes to the outside and not to miss out the panoramic view of the beautiful sunset in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the case of three homes in South Beach, in Reserva del Higuerón.

The sound of the gentle breeze and the birds flying over the reserve are the only elements that break the silence and the tranquillity in these homes. Located on the ground floor, they enjoy privileged views. Their owners did not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a space open to the sea.

Thanks to the installation of Glass Curtains Standard Series in the front and sides, the panoramic view is guaranteed. The stunning photos and postcards taken from the spot are evidence of that.

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