Lew Hoad, a terrace as a resting place for players

The Lew Hoad Tennis and Paddle Club offers endless sensations and pleasures for lovers of these sports. A stylish terrace that welcomes its guests with breathtaking views in a privileged environment.

It is a get-together for players, sports lovers or just people who enjoy visiting charming places, and above all, for people seeking wellness. This is the glazed terrace in The Lew Hoad Tennis and Paddle Club, Mijas. A great installation where beauty, style, design and efficiency reign. A place for celebrations that it has been fully opened to its majestic surroundings since glass curtains were installed.

The enclosure of this celebration room counts on several Glass Curtains Standard Series. Besides, there are also some balconies with views to the mountains and to the sports courts that incorporate Railing Series. The railings make it possible to enjoy views while seated at the table, no matter if it is windy.

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