The Organic Café, a blend of efficient design and healthy cooking

The efficient design for an enclosure with glass curtains creates the perfect atmosphere at The Organic Café: a restaurant at the forefront of healthy cooking

The efficient design together with the quality of an enclosure without profiles fits perfectly with spaces that are at the forefront in their markets, such as the healthy cooking. This is the case of The Organic Café in Fuengirola. A restaurant of healthy options that serves delicious dishes in a glass-enclosed dining room which remains open to the outside.

Thanks to the installation of Glass Curtains Basic Pro Series, this café located on the ground floor of Las Palmeras Hotel, Fuengirola, accommodates a glass-enclosed dining room that connects with the outside. The result: a completely free open-concept, with views over the marina no matter if curtains are open or closed.

It is a system free of profiles and the curtains act as limits between the dining room and the outside. The benefits are twofold. Firstly, in spring and summer time, when the sun shines, the system can be completely open and it turns the dining room into a terrace. On the other hand, in autumn and winter time, the place keeps being indoors as a dining room but without missing out the views over Fuengirola’s marina and seafront promenade.

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