Panoramic view and greater dimension with the enclosure at Playa Cálida Hotel

The enclosure of Playa Cálida Hotel has satisfied two main objectives to get a complete panoramic view and create greater dimension to the outside.

A complete panoramic view and a greater dimension to the outside were the two main objectives of Playa Cálida Hotel in Almuñécar. On the Mediterranean Costa Tropical, this hotel of Playa Senator Hotels group trusted in the Acristalia glass enclosures.

It is enough to admire each of the photos together with this article to realise how incredible the views are. You can find this Spa Hotel in the easternmost part of this village of Granada. Between the points Punta de Jesús and Punta del Barranco de Enmedio, and with views to Castillo del Diablo Castle, the hotel boasts every day about being on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Playa Cálida Hotel in Almuñécar counts on different outside locations with swimming pools, gardens and entertainment areas that needed to be glazed and delimit with the less possible visual impact. The Glass Railing in Railing Series turned out to be the best option to get, not the less possible, but not visual impact at all. It produces a greater dimension and keeps the panoramic view in the whole system.

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