A roof to look at the sky of the Costa del Sol

Everyday sunlight comes in through the sliding roof and the glass curtains installed on the terrace of Los Olivos café-restaurant, in Las Postas de Calahonda, Mijas. A roof that makes it possible to keep on looking at the sky of the Costa del Sol.

Early morning. As dawn rises on the Costa del Sol, light fills up the space and breaks through. A beautiful morning, which however cannot be admired from all corners. One of the places where the light does come in is in Los Olivos café-restaurant, thanks to two Glass Curtains - Basic Pro Series combined with the Sliding Roof - Sliding Series.

The magic of the enclosure came to this spot in Las Postas de Calahonda, at its shopping centre. There, this café-restaurant serves dozens and dozens of people who know how to admire the nature and the life on the Costa del Sol. Summer is over now, autumn starts and then along comes a winter that was not before very good for the catering industry. Now it is. It is still summer on terraces with Acristalia enclosures. Light and fresh air still come in through the 80% of the roof that is open whenever you wish.

When someone comes to this café-restaurant, they appreciate the feelings while spending time on its terrace. People are sitting at the table as part of their daily routine, but there is an added value: they are admiring the sky of the Costa del Sol without leaving the place, on the terrace, and even if the roof is closed.

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