A terrace for all the family

Parents use it to enjoy open air, to have dinner or just to relax. The little ones use it to play and the pet to run freely. There is no doubt: the terrace is everyone’s favourite spot.

Benalmádena, Málaga, is a village on the Costa del Sol characterised by its very mountain areas. Its geography makes homes in the area to enjoy spectacular sea views. This is the case of this house in this village of Málaga.

From the terrace, you can enjoy a 180º panoramic view that is filled up with the sea, vegetation and the rest of little houses in the area. Wonderful views that this family in Benalmadena did not want to miss. However, they wanted to enjoy the spot throughout the year. For that reason, again Glass Curtain Standard Series has been the best solution for them. The best enclosure for terraces.

Now the terrace is open all year round, both in winter and summer. In the middle of January, inside the temperature was nothing less than 20º, whereas outside the wind chill temperature was 8º. Glass curtains protect the terrace against these weather events.

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