Windbreaks with umbrella, safety for customers

Windbreaks complemented with umbrella offer comfort and safety for customers outdoors enjoying sea views.

The Italian restaurant Ragazzi, right in the centre of Fuengirola, benefits from the advantages of windbreaks with umbrella. Design, beauty, and safety for diners make it a key product among hoteliers, since they optimise the use of outdoor areas quickly and with no building works. In this case, the most convenient option was fixed windbreaks in Windbreaks Series made of aluminium with 6mm tempered glass panels. The result: perfect temperature throughout the year and panoramic views of the seafront.

Respecting the local style

A structure that helps to comply with local regulations on public areas since holes on the ground are not necessary. Instead, we use planters that support the weight of the windbreaks and match the aesthetics of the area. In short, this kind of structure helps to maintain the look of public areas and it combines with the design of business thanks to different supports such as planters, wheeled supports, round bases, high-stability supports or fixed supports.

Additionally, these elements can adapt the height in case of floor gradients and the materials are well-prepared to withstand weather conditions and to avoid wear and tear.

By choosing such a windbreak, you are choosing versatility. They are platforms that create different environments, bearing in mind comfort and safety for customers. This way, they can enjoy an outdoor terrace being protected against adverse weather events and environmental pollution.

In this case, in order to meet needs suggested by Ragazzi, seven windbreaks were installed to delimit the area without compromising the panoramic view of the seafront. Doubtless, the perfect complement for an Italian restaurant where you can look for privacy during lunches and evening meals.

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