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Our commitment

A better world

Acristalia is synonymous with environmental awareness. We recycle 100% of aluminium and glass waste, including chips from aluminium processing. It is a central part of our operations, as well as essential in many aspects of our daily life. We actively practice environmental respect from the exercise of corporate responsibility. To this end, we have cooperation agreements with organizations for the collection of solid waste.

Supporting the Community

We sponsor social aid programmes to make the world a more fair place. Acristalia is involved with the JuegaTerapia foundation to contribute to making life easier and more fun for children with cancer during their stay in hospitals. That's why, along with our products, you can receive a box full of illusion that contains inside a precious doll with a vanilla scent, called Baby Pelón.
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Involved with the
JuegaTerapia Foundation
A company involved

Involved with employees, customers and the environment. The facilities of more than 20,000 m² are all equipped with more than 2,000 photovoltaic panels, making us the largest self-consumption solar plant installed by a company in Andalusia (as of the end of 2019).

An investment that illustrates our environmental commitment, demonstrating that it is possible, with awareness and willingness to adapt, to choose the path of sustainability, generating a great positive social impact, while at the same time obtaining economically profitable results. According to the studies carried out, we contribute to reducing the emission of a total of 393 tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 786 trees.

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