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Your home or business can always surprise you. It is amazing to realise how many spaces you can reuse, protect and renovate regardless of weather conditions to enjoy them all year round with Acristalia.

Discover the possibilities of Sliding Roofs- Sliding Series separately or together with our Glass Curtains. A system designed to create open spaces where the bigger space, the brighter it is, naturally.
Unique features for the most demanding needs
The Sliding Roofs in Sliding Series are a European reference in innovation on the enclosures market thanks to its fantastic features and its design: aluminium structure, exclusive watertightness system, motorised or manual opening systems, and possibility of intelligent sensors to open or close automatically...

Additionally, the Sliding Roof is compatible with Glass Curtains, offering the best enclosure structure possible that will satisfy the most demanding expectations.
Each project is unique. We manufacture custom-made roofs that consist of a modular and adaptable aluminium structure.

  • Width: no limitation.
  • Depth: maximum of 7 m.
  • Sliding Roof: 2 to 5 panels per row.
  • Sliding Series S3: 2 to 3 panels per row.
  • Sliding Series S5: 4 to 5 panels per row.
  • Several surfaces: sandwich, laminated glass or insulated glazing panels up to 22 mm.
  • The Sliding Roof – Sliding Series allows for a maximum opening of 80%.
  • Exclusive aluminium profiles.
  • Manufacturing from primary smelting aluminium bars
  • Alloy 6063-T6, highly resistant to corrosion and high mechanical solidity.  Technical, mechanical and quality specifications according to UNE 38-066-89 / ISO-6362/4-1988.
  • Wide range of finish options: RAL lacquer, anodized or wood imitations.
  • Quality procedures of superficial treatment Qualicoat, Qualanod o Qualideco.
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Find the perfect accessory

Manual opening

Easy, affordable and functional. It is recommended only for light panels. Opening and closing system using a pole, moving the panels manually up and down.

Motorised opening system

Motorised opening and closing system operated by a remote control. It is recommended for both light and heavier panels. Modest and 100% functional. The motor is hidden within the structure, fully integrated into the system, but easily accessible.

This option can also be provided with intelligent devices for opening or closing automatically thanks to wind or rain sensors.

Rain and wind sensors

An intelligent device designed for your tranquillity, enjoyment and comfort.

Their main function is to close automatically in case of rain or winds to keep the inside undamaged. It is also possible to integrate LED lighting in the beams.

Resistance and safety

During its manufacturing process, the Sliding Series has been tested in laboratories to ensure resistance to wind load, air permeability and watertightness. Moreover, it is designed to support snow loads and operating forces in accordance with European regulations.

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why you should trust in Acristalia
committed from beginning to end

From the manufacture through the delivery, the design and development of our products are leaded by our customers' high quality standards and commitment to them.

1. The professionals’ favourite choice

The efficacy and quality of Acristalia products require correct installation. Professionals on the sector know it, and for that reason they choose our roofs, which guarantee a clean and optimised system and a smooth installation.

2. Resistance test

The Sliding Series bears CE marking in the manufacture process, having been tested in laboratories to ensure resistance to wind load and operating forces.

3. Own installation service

All our products are installed by professionals trained in our company and they are ready to solve any situation.

4. Five-year guarantee

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction and that is why our Sliding Roofs in Sliding Series come with a 5-year guarantee. Additionally, Acristalia offers you personal service to solve any problem that may arise.



Light or glass panels, choose yours


Light panels


Sandwich Panel


It consists of two aluminium sheets, which give a mechanical resistance, and a polyurethane core that serves as excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Available in 10 or 20 mm.


Glass panels


Laminated safety glass


It consists of two jointed glasses by one or more polyvinyl butyral resin. It is a versatile material that offers exceptional flexibility, good design, safety, control of radiation and acoustic protection, depending on the model. Available in various thicknesses and features, such as solar control that will allow reducing the entry of heat when the sun heats up the roof.


Insulated glazing


Double thermal insulation glazing, formed by two glasses separated by spacer profiles, inside of which there is a substance that absorbs the moisture of the air contained in the camera. It reduces noise, prevents condensation, protects both cold and heat and provides significant savings in energy (heating or air conditioning). It is available in various thicknesses, configurations and features.


If it is Acristalia, then it is quality


The Acristalia sliding roof systems have been entirely manufactured with national product and following the strictest international regulations of manufacture in each of its components, which provide the system with the best services of the international market.


Acristalia is a company certified according the Norm ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing to its clients that our products are made and commercialized under exhaustive production and management controls in factory.


All glass used in the sliding roof systems has obtained the CE marking according to the following regulations. UNE 12150-1 for thermally tempered glass, which gives the system all safety and mechanical properties such as high resistance to impact and protection under sudden changes of temperature. UNE-EN 14449 for laminated safety glass, which provides security, decoration features and acoustic properties. UNE-EN 1279 for insulated glazing, which provides thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


Aluminium used in our systems is composed of alloys, specially studied, to offer high mechanical performance, shock resistance, great durability and easy cleaning. They completely fulfil the European regulations UNE-EN 755-2 and UNE-EN 755-9. Not all manufacturers can stamp the international quality label Qualicoat on their lacquered products. The anodized options of our catalogue follow all guidelines marked by the quality label Qualanod such as UNE-EN ISO 2360, EN 12373-1, UNE-EN 12373-4, EN 12373-7.


Likewise, the Acristalia sliding roof systems have been submitted to tests and essays in APPLUS laboratory notified by ENAC, where the systems have been evaluated by UNE-EN 14351, in which it is specified that these systems must be tested according to the Norm 12211:2000, “Windows and doors. Test method”, obtaining a result of class C4, resistance to the wind of 2400 Pascals; the Norm UNE-EN 1026:2000, “Windows and doors. Air Permeability. Test Method”, obtaining a result of C1; and the Norm UNE-EN 12208:2000, “Windows and doors. Watertightness. Classification”, classifying the system as a great class 7A, without water entering over 300 Pa.


Make the most of your Sliding Roof


The Acristalia sliding roof systems have different options of opening:


Manual opening


To open the panels, insert the pole in the mechanism in the lower panel and turn it to operate. Once it is operated, slide the panel with the pole upwards, to half or open position. To close the roof, perform the inverse operation.


Motorised opening system


In this case, the roof has a remote control for opening or closing. Press the desired option.


Panels should slide easily up and down through the beams. If that is not the case, please verify that there are not obstacles. If the problem persists, contact your installation company.


The PVC water seals used in the beams must not be cleaned with abrasive cleaning products, because the contact with those together with the exposition to sun rays can deteriorate them.


Use cleaning products for this purpose to clean the glass. Do not use utensils that could provoke damages or scratches, in case of special or coated glass a special care must be taken. Do not dry clean.


Use cloths and dusters for cleaning the profiles. Do not use scrapping tools or utensils that may cause them damages. Use neutral non-abrasive products, whatever the profile finish.


It is recommended to lubricate the sliding skids in the profiles with silicone spray at least once a year.


It is essential to perform a proper installation for the correct functioning of the glass curtain.



Veranda or pergola awnings, multiple choices of comfort


Acristalia awnings can be installed separately or together with the Sliding Roof in Sliding Series. The structure is completely adaptable to integrate veranda awning in the design and to make the installation of pergola awning easy, since the beam does not need extra profiles.


Veranda awning


Its compact system adapts to horizontal surfaces and it is the recommended system to cover glass roofs and attics. As it is a motorised system, the installation requires a small profile added to the upper parts of the structure of Sliding Roof – Sliding Series.




– Up to 5 m wide and 4 m long.

– Aluminium profiles.

– Stainless steel nuts and bolts.

– Cord system in guides for fabric tension.

– Installation: on an existing structure.

– Motorised awning only.

– Motorisation: LT, RTS or io motors.

– Automatisms: compatible with rain and wind sensors.


Installation options


Installation on surface / Installation double guide / Installation embedded

Installation on surface / Installation double guide / Installation embedded


Pergola awning


It fits in all kind of terraces and it provides an excellent sun protection. Depending on the structure of the Sliding Roof and the direction chosen for water drainage, there are two available options, 7010 and 7015. Both models can be installed wall to wall, wall to crossbar, and freestanding.

Installation according to needs – Pergola awning


According to the specific needs for water drainage, it will be necessary one specific kind of structure to install the awning. It should be taken into account if the awning will be supported by walls, by wall and crossbar or freestanding.



– Awnings up to 5,50 m x 7,00 m.

– From 6 m wide on, the awning must be provided with 3 posts and 3 guides.


Cord system


A: Maximum distance between guides = 3,00 m.

B: Maximum distance for projection of fabric profile = 1,30 m.


1 cord system: up to 4,50 m wide

1 cord system: up to 4,50 m wide

1 cord system: more than 4,50 wide

1 cord system: more than 4,50 wide




– Grooved guide of 80×40 cm in extruded aluminium.

– Column profiles of 80×40 cm in extruded aluminium.

– Supports made of cast aluminium.

– Stainless steel nuts and bolts.

– Drawing cord system.

– Possibility to motorise if the awning is horizontal.

– Carros cortos y largos en acero inoxidable


Standard colours


White RAL 9016, Black RAL 9011, Silver, Bronze, Light ivory RAL 1015, Brown RAL 8014, Grey RAL 7022.


Colours on request


Wine red RAL 3005, Grey RAL 7012, Grey RAL 7016, Grey RAL 7035, Aluminium RAL 9006.


Colours Silver and Bronze DO NOT have a RAL number.

A delivery time of 4 to 5 weeks applies to colours on request.

RAL COLOUR: Ask for prices and delivery time.

You can download all necessary manuals for the installation, maintenance and cleaning of the Sliding Roof – Sliding Series.

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